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Commercial Energy Storage
Empowering Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

At Carbon Reduction Technology, we offer innovative energy solutions to help businesses secure their future in the era of sustainability. Our services include energy storage and solar solutions, and we can help transform your energy management to elevate your sustainability efforts.


Revolutionising Business Energy

Battery storage solutions are revolutionising the way businesses manage their energy needs. These on-site units empower you with autonomy from the grid, allowing for precise electricity storage and discharge. They offer a lifeline of crucial backup power when needed, ensuring operational continuity during emergencies and brownouts.

We provide a complete turnkey solution, guiding you through every step of the process.


Energy Storage Solutions

Business Suitability Analysis

Our experts assess the suitability of energy storage solutions for your specific business needs, ensuring that you reap the benefits from your investment.

System Design

Our team designs a custom energy storage system that perfectly matches your site's spatial and energy requirements, guaranteeing optimal efficiency.

Strategic Peak Shaving

Strategically discharge stored energy during periods of peak demand, effectively sidestepping demand charges associated with peak-time energy consumption.

Technology Selection

We help you choose the right energy storage technology, tailored to your energy consumption patterns and sustainability goals.

Expert Installation

Our experienced technicians ensure the seamless installation of your battery storage system, providing you with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

Efficient Load Shifting

Effortlessly shift energy consumption to more cost-effective time slots, mitigating peak energy prices and trimming operational expenses.

We've achieved great results since implementing CRT for our Battery Storage and Solar PV! Not only have we significantly reduced our monthly energy usage, but we were actually able to generate enough energy during the summer months to sell back to the grid. I never would have thought it possible to have such a positive impact on the environment while also saving money on energy costs.

Rob Walters

Ready to take control of your energy management and elevate your sustainability efforts?

Contact Carbon Reduction Technology today to explore how our expert team can design and implement a tailored battery storage and solar solution for your business. Together, we can unlock a more efficient and sustainable future for your company.


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