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Conventional style luminaires for upgrades, replacement & new developments.


We can retrofit any existing lantern model and re-CE mark the retrofitted installation. Delivered with pre-sized plate.


We have a range of reproduction heritage housing, including traditional and more contemporary design.



The streetlight X-Range

Carbon Reduction Technology carries a full range of conventional replacement luminaires. The X-Range has undergone substantial evolution to remove unnecessary mass, so the models are lightweight with low windage. X models also feature downwards facing heat sink fins, to prevent the build up of dirt and debris - which can make a heat sink ineffective - and discourage perching.

The SLX LED street light brings a fresh new look to British streets and neighbourhoods. Local Authorities can instantly reduce energy expenditure and carbon emissions by up to 70% by upgrading.
SLX is a high efficiency solution offering a system efficacy average of 130 lumens per watt and a 109,000 hour operational lifetime. The luminaire has been designed to utilise marketing leading Cree XPG3 LEDs; both the light temperature and light distribution (using lens technology) are customisable and your luminaires will be delivered pre-constructed to fit your exact requirements. Photocell sensors for increased functionality are also available upon request.

  • Colour temperatures from 2,200˚K

  • Side & top post entry, adjustable between +10° and -15°

  • Self cleaning design

  • Maintenance friendly access

  • Standard five year replacement warranty with extensions available

  • Tested and verified by independent UKAS registered laboratories

  • Conforms to all UK & EU standards

  • Download streetlight brochure

  • Download IES files


all-three rear.1053.png

5 - 6m Operating Height



6 - 10m Operating Height



8 - 12m Operating Height


Retrofit Gear Trays

Retrofit any existing lantern with upgraded technology & a new CE mark.

RFX2 is a made to measure retrofit solution suitable for street lights and heritage lanterns. The gear tray comes with the appropriate lens fitted and a made to measure plate set to the correct orientation, ready to be fitted straight from the box. The gear tray is lightweight and designed to be installer friendly.

Retrofitting can provide a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to full replacement if your old housings are still in good shape. RFX2 is available from 2,200.°K, which closely simulates the ultrawarm colour temperature of sodium lanterns, whilst providing the efficiency and uniformity of LEDs.

Our extensive range of optics allow RFX2 to function well in any setting, minimising upwards light and achieving maximum useful light output with minimum power requirements. The gear tray has an expected operational lifetime in excess of 109,000 hours, is fully Smart City compatible and surge protected.

RFX2 meets all British and EU standards and will comply with the original IP rating of the housing. Carbon Reduction Technology are one of only a few UK suppliers who can reissue a CE mark for the complete fitting, following installation of a new gear tray into a pre-existing housing.

RFX2 can be retrofitted into any existing lantern model, delivering an instant financial saving and CO2 reduction of up to 70%. The unit is eligible for Salix funding and is expected to achieve full return on investment within three to five years. RFX2 also comes with a full replacement five-year warranty for peace of mind, with extended warranties available.

  • Available in any shape or size

  • A new CE mark for retrofitted installations

  • Re-sealed to the spec of the pre-existing housing

  • Plates are delivered correctly sized

  • Colour temperatures from 2,200˚K

  • Download retrofit brochure

  • Download IES files


Reproduction Housings

Add beauty, class or drama to a street scene with the right lantern choice

Our range of new reproduction heritage lanterns can be purchased on a larger scale or to fill gaps in a retrofit project when a small number of the original lanterns aren't suitable for reuse. The range includes popular traditional models originally supplied in the UK by Kingswood, manufactured by GHM. All of our reproduction lanterns come fitted with ultra-low carbon RFX technology.

Reproduction lanterns add drama and beauty to a scene in a way contemporary style luminaires just cannot match. In a heritage appropriate environment, aesthetics and beauty are a key project factor. Most of our ornamental lanterns are suitable for colour customisation and the full range is available from 2,200°K, allowing you to maintain a traditional warm glow.

All lanterns within the Kingswood Range are fully compliant with EU and UK regulations. Products are eligible for Salix funding and comes with a full five-year warranty for peace of mind. Please see specification sheets for further details and post mounting options, as most of our reproduction products can be mounted direct to post-top or with an ornamental base.

  • Can be supplied with or without an ornamental base

  • Various colour options available, on a light by light basis

  • Arrive pre-fitted with high efficiency RFX gear tray

  • Available in complementing low colour colour temperatures from 2,200˚K

  • Download IES files





Raleigh 1






Raleigh 2

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CRT Heritage -113b.jpg
CRT SLX-111b.jpg
CRT Heritage -107b.jpg
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