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Poultry Sheds

Poultry Shed Lighting

A lighting upgrade for poultry sheds offer numerous benefits beyond the reduction of lighting energy use and the reduction of carbon emissions.


Design and configuration are important factors when selecting technology and designing a lighting scheme for a building housing livestock. Our agricultural lighting schemes focus on welfare and quality of life, in addition to industry specific benefits such as discouraging shed floor laying and encouraging even feeding.

Our patented Waveguide rods are a great option for replacing fluorescent tubes, which will be removed from circulation over the next three years. Unlike standard LED tubes, Waveguide rods demonstrate superior uniformity, a +3x longer average lifespan and little to no lighting quality degradation over time.

Our flexible project approach gives the option of delivery only or full install, timed to work within your restocking periods. We provide a free site survey and a full financial and carbon savings forecast.

Contact us for a no pressure conversation with one of our lighting engineers today.

Panel Low Bay


Linear Low Bay

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