Frequently asked questions

Public Sector

How much can I expect to save?

Depending on your installation, colour temperature and lux level requirements, you can expect to save between 60% and 78% when upgrading to LED.

Are CRT products eligible for funding, such as Salix?

Absolutely. A number of our customers have taken advantage of Salix funding for CRT installations. We are also accredited members of the Carbon Trust.

Are larger volume orders eligible for a bulk discount?

We offer prices based on puchase volume as we are committed to passing on bulk manufacturing savings. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Does installing a retrofit unit have any advantage over installing LED tubes?

Installing a retrofit unit carries several distinct advantages:

  • CRT Retrofit installations benefit from an expected operational lifetime of 109,000 hours, which is significantly longer than an LED tube, particularly for fixtures which are in use 24 hours a day. Although the initial purchase cost can be higher, installing a custom retrofit greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs in the long term.
  • Installing a retrofit designed specifically for use with your fixture can be a more secure option for discouraging theft, as the unit cannot be removed and used with any generic fixture elsewhere.

How many lumens per watt can I expect?

All CRT streetlights will achieve 129 lumens per watts at 30 watts or less. Higher wattage products may vary. Please contact us for more information.

What sort of payback period should I expect?

CRT Local Authority installations, including SLX and retrofits, typically come with a 2 to 5 year payback. All installations come with an individual payback calculation.

How complex is installation?

An essential part of our product design is simple and straight forward installation, and easy access for servicing and inspection. All Local Authority luminaires are designed and manufactured to minimise the installation time, with your lighting engineers in mind. Retrofits are supplied with a correctly sized plate to situate directly into your pre-existing luminaire.

What are the benefits of retrofitting over replacing?

There are numerous benefits to retrofitting rather than buying new. These are some of the main reasons you might choose this route:

  • For certain installations, retrofitting can provide a cheaper alternative to fully replacing the entire unit and housing
  • Retrofitting can provide a faster installation for luminaires such as illuminated bollards and subway lighting, decreasing costs and public disruption, and increasing the safety of the lighting engineer doing the work
  • Retrofitting can provide a greener option to full replacement, as you are minimising waste by keeping your old housings and decreasing the carbon expenditure required to produce and transport your upgrade
  • Retrofitting is an ideal option in areas of cultural heritage, where a new installation is undesirable. We can put an upgraded tray straight into your original housing, allowing you to reduce carbon and energy expenditure whilst maintaining the look of the area
  • Carbon Reduction Technology carries a range of popular housings, so a partial replacement (where individual housings are not suitable for a second lease of life) can be carried out inside of a retrofit project.
  • We are also able to re-certify the CE Mark for your newly retrofitted lanterns

What are the minimum and maximum wattages available for streetlights?

Our product range is very flexible and we can supply luminaires from 10 watts up to 200 watts, in 5 watt intervals.

What sort of photocells do you use on streetlights

We use both minicells and NEMA sockets, depending on the luminaire. We can also work with the customer to use alternative brands in line with pre-existing requirements.

Do your streetlights support CMS?

Yes, we have used Telensa, Mayflower, Lucy Zodion and others. We can configure our lanterns to suit any type of CMS.

Do CRT streetlights support easy maintenance and inspection access?

Although our products are designed to be highly reliable and made with the highest quality parts, access will be inevitably required during the luminaire's lifetime for inspection or service. Easy access is a key consideration in our design process.

Do you recertify the CE mark on retrofitted lanterns?

Yes. Retrofitting can be the ideal answer to reducing the cost, carbon footprint and waste associated with a lighting upgrade project; however, installing a new gear tray into an original housing without the appropriate certification in place can result in an end product which does not carry a valid CE mark. Carbon Reduction Technology have independently certified procedures in place which allow recertification of your housings upon installation of the new gear tray. Installation can still be carried out by your own engineers. Where required, we also offer on the job training for your engineers. Recertification comes at no additional cost and is fully included within the scope of your project.

Commercial / Industrial Sector

Can I claim tax relief on my lighting upgrade?

Yes, our technology and installation qualifies for tax relief via the Annual Investment Allowance.

Is a two year payback realistic?

Absolutely. Where operational hours are 16 hours per day or more, a maximum* 2 year payback is typically available. Your payback is based on just the savings you make on your reduced lighting energy bill and doesn't factor in further savings, such as significantly reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

*We can usually bring payback right down to 1 year if your facility operates 24 hours per day.

Are your facility surveys really free?

Yes! One of our engineers will come out to survey your facility and talk to you in order to fully understand your requirements. If our prodcuts are a viable option for you, you'll receive a fully tailored lighting report plus a projected financial breakdown including cost estimate, payback estimate, savings estimate and carbon reduction estimate.

NB. If you have a large number of facilities to be surveyed across the UK we may charge a nominal survey fee per facility which would be refundable upon purchase.

How much can I expect to save?

Following installation you will see the following immediate energy bill and carbon emission savings:

  • ​Up to 78% saving with a HBX only installation
  • Up to 97% saving with HBX plus the Smart Lighting System

You will further save by reducing your lighting maintenance costs, as the HBX is significantly more robust and offers a substantially longer operational lifetime than traditional lamps.

Does a smart lighting system monitor my energy consumption?

HBX Smart Lighting allows the user to monitor overall energy consumption and instant energy levels in line with the government ESOS policy. Further features of Smart Lighting include:

  • Automatic lighting adjustment
  • Pro-actively manage lighting levels and performance
  • Fully programmmable by the end user
  • Access and monitor the system from on site or remotely
  • Full functionality including:
    • Turn the lights on and off
    • Adjust light levels
    • Turn off systems such as PIR monitoring for certain kinds of shifts, low workforce or partial facility operation

Why is HBX so much more efficient than more traditional lighting technologies?

There are several factors which make HBX so much more efficient than older sodium or halogen lamps:

  • The HBX has been designed to be ultra efficient and requires significantly less power in order to produce considerably more light output.
  • HBX has a powerful light output and we use lens technology to direct the the light from each lamp in the manner which best suits your facility. We can often reduce the amount of lighting units you actually need and with less than half the lighting units, we have achieved improvements in overall lighting levels of over 150%.
  • HBX utilises sensor technology to further reduce excess energy spend. We can automatically turn the lights off or dim the lights when an area is not in use. HBX can also assess the ambient light coming in through the windows and reduce artificial light output to just enough to reach required lux levels.
  • HBX is instant on / off, so you don't waste half an hour of time and power at the start of each day waiting for the lights to warm up.

What are the minimum and maximum high bay wattages available?

HBX starts from 50 watts and is available up to 300 watts.

Who will dispose of replaced light fittings?

CRT are WEEE certified and will ensure old light fittings are disposed of responsibly, adhering to environmental legislation, specified under WEEE. All appropriate paperwork will be provided. This service is included as standard.

How is installation handled?

We have a qualified team of engineers who will handle your installation. Our policy is to work with you to ensure the installation of your new lighting causes the minimum possible disruption to your staff and business.


Do CRT products come with a warranty?

We offer a standard five year full replacement warranty. Extended warranties are also available on request.

Which LEDs do you use and what is the life expectancy?

We only use the best LEDs in our luminaires, which are manufactured by Cree. Cree LEDs are market leaders, offering exceptionally reliable products which come with an operational lifetime expectancy of 109,000 hours.

Do you have COVID-safe measures in place?

Yes, we have in place procedures to make sales conversations, surveys, installation, service visits and paperwork exchanges as safe as possible, and are happy to work with you to ensure your own guidelines are equally met. For more information on our COVID-safe policy, please see:

Is photometric data available to download?

We have a standard range of IES files available to download here. If you don't see the file you need, please contact us.

What range of colour temperatures do you offer?

Carbon Reduction Technology offers some of the lowest colour temperatures on the market, starting at 2,200°K and going up to 5,000°K. Our 2,200°K range is ideal for heritage and reproduction lanterns.

How do you guarantee your lumens per watt?

All CRT products are independently tested to verify lumens per watt. We take in to account optical and electrical efficiencies and don't rely on theoretical lumens per watts data from the manufacturers. We always offer customers tracability for LED part and BIN numbers.

Are CRT luminaires weatherproof?

All exterior lights are IP7, designed for low windage, all are either powder coated or, for extreme conditions, anodised to 15 microns. Internal lights are waterproofed as required to meet intended conditions.

What is the typical energy savings of LED over older technologies?

LED is well-proven to produce significant energy savings, in comparison to older technologies such as high pressure sodium or flourescent. Further large savings can be achieved with a correction designed lighting grid and smart controls. You can expect the following savings when upgrading to LED:

  • Minimum 50% savings against flourescents
  • Up to 75% savings against high pressure sodium
  • Up to 93% savigns with the addition of intelligent controls

Are you accredited members of the Carbon Trust?

Yes, Carbon Reduction Technology are proud to be accredited members of the Carbon Trust and our products and installation services qualify for interest free finance in Wales under their scheme.