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A complete service solution

When it comes to commercial scale lighting, there is no such thing an ideal a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer fully tailored, project managed upgrades designed to facilitate optimum lighting performance and the largest possible savings.

All CRT projects begin with the following core features:

Site survey & bespoke lighting scheme design

Replacing older style lanterns 1:1 is usually an inaccurate strategy for retrofitting a commercial space – particularly in high bay areas. It’s also crucial to use luminaires which have been designed with your working environment in mind; vibration, prolonged use and atmospheric dust can all significantly reduce the functionality and life expectancy of generic LED luminaires.

Floor space, function, ceiling height, frequency of use, and the position and placement of static and moving fixtures and assets all affect the design of a lighting scheme. A layout which worked with high pressure sodium or halogen lanterns typically doesn’t work effectively with high quality LED luminaires, as light intensity, distribution and directionality are usually very different.

When retrofitting a facility with a pre-existing lighting scheme, we’re often able to remove 20 to 30% of the light fitting points originally required to fully illuminate the space below. That means that you’ve removed redundant luminaires from your lighting layout which on a 1:1 replacement would have been consuming energy without providing any benefit.

A properly designed lighting layout also helps to eliminate areas of shadow – particularly in spaces with high-sided shelving and machinery – and control glare, which is amplified by reflective surfaces and needs to be managed with the correct choice of optical lens.

Your outcomes:

  • An increase of light levels by typically double at floor level, at a suitable colour temperature

  • Better colour rendering, making yellow and white safety / guidance markings far more visible and delineated (correct use of delineated?)

  • Elimination of areas of shadow, light pooling and glare, providing even illumination and comfort for employees working below

  • Maximum possible energy and carbon efficiency, typically with savings in excess of 80%, and a rapid payback period facilitated through reduced lighting energy overheads

  • Correctly deployed emergency lighting, where required

Site survey & lighing scheme design

Project management

We understand that closing a busy facility to having the lighting refitted is a scenario all businesses want to avoid. You will be assigned your own project manager, who will fully manage your upgrade on your behalf, including planning, delivery, installation (if required) and the implementation of bolt-on extras, such as a control system.

You project manager will work with you to plan your installation, so it causes the least possible disruption to your business. Your installation strategy takes into account off-peak time, low volume shifts and night-time / weekend closure – we work when you don’t. We can also implement a staged installation for 24 / 7 facilities.

Your project manager will also generate all the information and paperwork you need. We will oversee your waste management plan, deal with recycling and safe disposal of your old units and create an evidence pack for future reference.

Your outcomes:

  • We will project manage the retrofit, so you don’t have to

  • You’ll deal with one point of contact

  • Old equipment removed, responsibly disposed of and an evidence packet generated

  • Our priority is to keep your business running as we install

CRT SLX-105c.jpg
Project managed


We expect your new lighting scheme to run without a hitch for a long time. All Carbon Reduction Technology luminaires come with a five-year full replacement warranty. In the unlikely event that one of your luminaires develops a problem, a CRT engineer will pay a priority visit to your site.

Your outcomes:

  • An end to regular replacement of failed bulbs and lamps, and the associated disruption and maintenance costs

  • Fast, priority care in the unlikely event that a luminaire doesn’t function exactly as it should

  • Luminaires guaranteed for five years, with extended warranties available for peace of mind

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