Smart Integration & Automation

All Carbon Reduction Technology luminaires are smart system compatible and can be networked using a new or pre-existing system of the client's choice, or a system can be supplied and installed along with the new luminaires.

Local authority streetlights are supplied Smart City ready.

Eliminate wasted light

Smart functionality can add an additional layer of efficiency to an LED lighting system by cutting out any remaining wasted light. The first layer of waste reduction should come from an intelligent lighting design; the adjustable directionality of LED allows a lighting designer to remove lights which are no longer necessary upon upgrading from an older light source to LED, and to ensure excess light is not being produced to cover inaccessible areas, such as the top of tall fixtures.

The final layers of light waste are stripped away using daylight harvesting and PIR.

Daylighting Harvesting

Daylight harvesting uses sensors to continuously measure ambient light levels in a space, such as illumination through windows or skylights, and adjusts the output of each luminaire in that space to contribute only the artificial light required to bring lux levels up to the required, specified standard. This process happens automatically and adjustments are typically imperceptible to the human eye. In this way, a smart lighting network is able to capitalise on natural light to reduce energy expenditure.


PIR is particularly useful in areas which are not constantly staffed, such as storage areas, conference spaces, rest rooms or corridors. Sensors detect movement and raise the lights in the room. In larger areas, such as warehouses, the lights can be programmed to raise the lights in a smaller defined area or in one through-way between racking shelves. This approach can be used to turn the lights on and off, or to dim and raise levels, depending on the specific requirements of each space.


Safety Lighting

Safety lighting is mandatory in many facilities, as is regular testing. Safety lighting is designed into CRT lighting networks as standard.

CRT SLX-105c.jpg

Monitoring & Reporting

We expect your new lighting scheme to run without a hitch for a long time. All Carbon Reduction Technology luminaires come with a five-year full replacement warranty. In the unlikely event that one of your luminaires develops a problem, a CRT engineer will pay a priority visit to your site.

Your outcomes:

  • An end to regular replacement of failed bulbs and lamps, and the associated disruption and maintenance costs

  • Fast, priority care in the unlikely event that a luminaire doesn’t function exactly as it should

  • Luminaires guaranteed for five years, with extended warranties available for peace of mind


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