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Optimising much more than your lighting

There's more to bringing your lighting up to date than a bulb change, as you probably already know! Carbon Reduction Technology have the expertise, motivation and technology to help. We work with you to understand your needs, creation a solution optimised for your purpose and space, and get you installed and reaping the benefits of your upgrade with the minimum possible hassle.

  • Carbon footprint reduction
    Fully maximising your energy use and emissions complies with increasingly urgent net zero obligations. Many businesses are already legally obliged to set a plan in place for reaching net zero and this directive for smaller businesses will no doubt follow. Our upgrades are designed wring out every watt of unnecessary energy use, making your lighting fully compliant.

  • Environmental integrity for your brand
    The demand for environmentally proactive brands is gathering rapid momentum, for both end users and supply chain controllers. We'll not only provide a breakdown of financial and energy use savings, but we'll also forecast how many tonnes of CO2 you can expect to save.

  • Reduce your lighting energy bill by 50%+
    Our clients typically see a reduction of 50 to 85%, going to up to 95% with smart controls, PIR and daylight harvesting. Energy saved equates to pounds saved, with typical return on investment periods ranging between 12 and 36 months. Clients taking advantage of exterior finance can usually expect to be cash positive from day one.

  • Optimise your space
    Lighting has a huge effect on the safety of your space, and the welfare and productivity of the people or animals below. We'll work with you to ensure the lighting intensity, distribution and colour temperate are suitable for purpose and configured to give you the best possible results

Turnkey service

Carbon Reduction Technology (CRT) offers a full turnkey service, including site survey, financial and CO2 forecasting, lighting design, manufacture,  installation and aftercare. A professionally designed lighting scheme can add a significant percentage to energy savings, increase the operational lifetime of the system and offer far better lighting quality.

Purpose-led design

One solution does not fit all. Lighting layouts designed for fluorescent or high pressure sodium fixtures aren't typically well optimised for LED, and we can often cut down the number of lights you need. Your space and it's use heavily influence the configuration of your lights, and as well as designing for optimal efficiency, we also design for safety, productivity, performance and welfare.

Rapid payback

CRT lighting upgrades represent significant energy savings, making rapid payback the standard, rather than the exception. Accurate forecasting allows us to work out your payback period through energy savings prior to installation - for industrial projects, this is typically 12 to  24 months.