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Humancentric Areas

Comfortable & unobtrusive

The human factor is essential when designing lighting for offices, receptions, meeting and staff rooms, and any space with a lower ceiling which sees frequent or prolonged human occupation. 

Office space and humancentric areas are lit exclusively with our W-Range, which is one of the most comfortable lights available. The W-Range is specifically designed to reduce and eliminate glare, which can become uncomfortable for staff working below and can contribute to headaches and eyestrain. As with all CRT technology, our office lighting is available in a range of colour temperatures, allowing customers to opt for warmer coloured light if desired.

Our range of office lighting offers significant energy reductions, especially when connected to a smart lighting system. Many facilities choose to add PIR to infrequently used spaces (such as conference rooms) and daylight harvesting to spaces which catch a lot of natural light.

  • Warm colour temperatures available

  • Specifically designed to combat glare and flickering

  • Standard five year replacement warranty with extensions available

  • Tested and verified by independent UKAS registered laboratories

  • Confirms to all UK & EU standards

  • Download IES / IDT files

  • Download luminaire specifications

Linear Low Bay

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5 - 6m Operating Height

Panel Luminaire

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