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Wireless Smart Controlled Lighting

Wireless data-infrastructure for any property

Is your business ready for the digital transformation?

A wireless network connected with lights, sensors and switches can provide the business intelligence and flexibility you need in a rapidly changing world — no matter what industry or market you’re in.

What steps are you taking to ensure your company stays competitive?

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Wireless Lighting Control for Professional Environments

It makes no difference what industry or market your company is in. In this rapidly changing world, it must adapt. Connecting all your lights, sensors and switches through a highly scalable wireless network provides the business intelligence and flexibility you require.

Professional locations such as offices, breweries, hospitals, ministries, warehouses - and even gymnasiums, all rely on Wireless Lighting Control. It provides them with the secure, reliable, and scalable light management system they need.

Key Features

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Figures at a Glance

The customer platform was created to provide an advanced user interface offering simple to use dashboards, from maintenance to board level decision makers. It gathers data from various sources, processes, stores, and analyses it before presenting it as information at all levels. The goal is to provide a centralised overview of all relevant information about the building and its use. In a nutshell, a Smart Building.

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Web Dashboard

The web dashboard comes with a floor plan feature that simplifies project planning. It shows data management and analysis at a glance and provides the customer with automatic reports. What's more, the platform also allows you to create configuration profiles, letting only employees that need to see certain data see authorised data. It is highly customisable and useful for a wide range of smart controlled applications.


Web app platform, daylight harvesting, human-centric lighting, push switch configuration, schedule, astro timer, off-line commissioning, bulk commissioning, OTA updates and other features are available. 

Smart Equipment

See some of the products we use to provide Wireless Smart Controlled Lighting for our customers.


Other Applications

It's true — we do more than just light up your world! At Carbon Reduction Technology, we focus on taking Wireless Smart Controlled Lighting to the next level — but our skillset doesn't stop there. We can use this Smart Technology in a variety of applications that go way beyond lighting.


Energy Monitoring

Emergency Lighting

IOT Devices

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