Light Injection & Glare

Our W-Range features a unique approach to luminaire design: light injection.

We use our patented light injection for all environments with a low bay ceiling height or lower, as the technology is specifically designed to combat glare, making it one of the most comfortable luminaires available.

LED light is intense and highly directional, which can create a strong contrast between light and dark within the visual range of the eye - this contrast is the cause of glare. Glare can be created as light leaves a luminaire or by undiffused light bouncing off reflective surfaces. If not properly managed, light from LED luminaires has a far higher potential to create glare than older, less efficient fixtures such as fluorescent tubes, because LED light comes from multiple intensive light sources rather than a larger, more homogeneous light source. 

Our W-Range has been specifically engineered to be as comfortable as possible to the people working and waiting below. Light is injected into a flawless optical rod, which acts as a mixing chamber. Using the waveguide principle, light bounces off the insides of the rod and diffuses. This fully diffused light is then released from the mixing chamber by the application of a reflective surface to the top of the rod, the shape and width of which accurately controls the spread of light.

It is truly humancentric.

Light injection is the only technology which uses this approach to combat glare.


Light Injection & Flicker

Flicker is a problem which affects all electric lighting because it’s caused by the nature of the power supply rather than the product. Mains power is A/C (or alternating current), causing a continuous cycle of alternating polarities every second. In the instant the current changes direction, there is power loss. This is not normally noticeable to the human eye but is responsible for lighting flicker. LED technology has reduced flicker from fluorescent by approximately half.

LED manufacturers address this problem via the driver, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important to select a high-quality luminaire, designed for your intended environment and with an excellent quality driver installed. Part of the job of the driver is to convert the incoming power from A/C to D/C or C/C. Lower quality drivers are unable to handle this function quite as smoothly or reliably as better-quality drivers. It’s important to note, however, that even an ideally suited high specification driver is still unlikely to completely eliminate flicker but should be able to bring the effect into an acceptable range.

The unique design of a light injection luminaire allows the technology to be driven with a significantly lower current than most traditional LED models. In addition to prolonging the life of the components and reducing heat by-product, this also directly affects flicker. By under-running LED capacity and running the driver within its optimum range, flicker is reduced to 3%, with the norm for LED luminaires being 20%+.


High Bay Optics

The directionality of our X-Range is controlled with precision through the selection of correct optics (or lenses).

Whilst multiple sources of intense directional light can problematic at lower levels, this LED characteristic is incredibly useful at high bay heights - usually 6m or above.

We create a 3D Dialux design for all the facilities we fit and this allows us not only to pinpoint where luminaires should be situated, but also to determine which optics to use in order to provide the best light uniformity around architectural features, tall static fixtures and spaces which are expected to receive and house tall temporary assets such as high sided vehicles.

The correct selection of optics is crucial to controlling fixture shadow, bright spots and reflective glare, which can cause visual discomfort when tasks require frequent shifting of view from underlit to overlit areas.


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