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Next generation of the SLX street light available now

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Here at Carbon Reduction Technology, we believe that even a great design can always be improved upon with time. Therefore, our designers are continuously looking for ways to improve the efficiency, performance and practicality of our luminaires and supply chain. We are now pleased to introduce the SLX2, the next generation of our highly successful street luminaire. Reduction in mass The new design is sleeker and more streamlined, stripping away a lot of material which is no longer necessary to the integrity of the product. The reduction in mass and weight plus improvements in manufacturing efficiency have positively impacted the sustainability of our supply chain and the carbon footprint of each SLX2 throughout its lifecycle. SLX2 is 99% recyclable and contains no lead or mercury, which is a CRT standard. Reductions in our production cost also allow us to offer SLX2 at a lower price without compromising on quality. Ever easier installation The SLX design has always been installer friendly. However, the new design takes this concept a step further. The streamlined design and reduction in mass make SLX2 more compact and much lighter to handle, reducing overall weight by 3kg. The improved profile of the luminaire has also lowered windage from 0.11m2 to 0.08m2. A new flexible mounting mechanism allows our standard design to be easily toggled and fitted as either a side or top post fixture, with an additional 15 degrees of adjustment built in. If maintenance is ever required, access to the luminaire’s internal compartment and key components has been redesigned to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. Improved efficiency and functionality SLX2 incorporates a new light source with a higher level of efficiency. An increased range of optics and IES files allow for further efficiency through situational accuracy and by maximising useful light output, uniformity, direction and shape. SLX2 is available from 2,200°K, casting a warm light which is similar in hue to traditional sodium street lights.

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