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Next generation high bay luminaire launched

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

HBX2 - High bay industrial luminaire by Carbon Reduction Technology

Carbon Reduction Technology (CRT) are delighted to announce the launch of the next generation of HBX, the HBX2.

HBX is CRT’s highly successful high bay luminaire. Even when a luminaire excels at its job, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the design, efficiency and supply chain impact. These are some of the key features we’ve been able to improve in the HBX2 design:

The Body

The body of HBX2 has changed significantly. The core internal components of the luminaire, such as the driver and controller, are now situated in a slim easy-access casing, completely separated from the light source and heat sink. In addition to a better-looking visual profile, keeping the main electrical components even cooler by further distancing them from the heat sink can greatly extend the longevity of the luminaire.

HBX2 still features our trademark downward facing heat sink, which is resistant to the build up of dirt and debris that can reduce the life of a luminaire by creating unwanted insulation. However, the heat sink is now slimmer and has a slightly increased surface area, making it even more efficient.

Additionally, when HBX2 is connected into a Smart System, the mounting point for nodes and sensors is now fully integrated into the model, creating a sleeker look and easier placement access. HBX2 also has an improved rating of IP55.

Less material

The new design has allowed us to strip away a lot of bulk and mass, leaving HBX2 lighter in weight and slightly smaller – although no less powerful! The reduction in construction materials, and therefore construction cost, is significant enough to allow us to lower the price of the new model.

As well as being 99% recyclable and containing no lead or mercury, which is a CRT standard, the reduction in material mass has also had a positive impact on sustainability throughout our supply chain, affecting the entire lifecycle footprint of each individual luminaire.

Let there be (even more) light

HBX2 comes complete with an even more efficient LED light source and a far wider range of optics, increasing the maximum possible output and lowering the minimum energy input required.

The huge range of optics available allows you to take a precision approach to designing your lighting scheme, ensuring that the light distribution from each HBX2 reaches as far as possible and as uniformly as possible, whilst still projecting the correct lux reading at ground level.

HBX2 is also now available from a warm 2,200°K, with an expanding range of IES files.

HBX2 is suitable for any kind of shed or facility with a ceiling height over 6m. Typically, HBX facilitates a saving in emissions and lighting energy overheads of up to 87% and we guarantee payback through energy savings in under two years.

If you’d like to book a facility assessment or speak to an engineer, please contact us at


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