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Carbon Reduction Technology acquires the Waveguide Product Range

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Carbon Reduction Technology (CRT) is pleased to announce our acquisition of the Waveguide product range, following the voluntary liquidation of Birmingham-based Waveguide Lighting Ltd. The LED-based lighting solution incorporates patented Waveguide light injection technology which uses the total internal reflection (TIR) principle. A single LED is used to illuminate an optically clear light chamber. A reflector is printed along the length of the chamber, causing light to disperse evenly along its length thus avoiding the glare associated with most LED lighting solutions. As there are no secondary optics or diffusers, energy saving is maximised. William Robson, managing director of CRT, comments: "We have resold Waveguide products for some years as a solution for low bay and office installations. While the excellent energy efficiency of the Waveguide technology is important, it is the quality of the light output which is outstanding. The anti-glare quality of the technology is essential for lower situated luminaires. “The new product range fits nicely into the Carbon Reduction Technology smart lighting strategy, complimenting the existing product range of commercial and street lighting systems.”

​All enquiries should be directed to or speak to a CRT engineer on 01422 833 578.


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