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Chester makes a colourful statement in honour of Pride 2018

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Carbon Reduction Technology are once again pleased to have assisted Cheshire West & Chester Council in making a bold, colourful statement with their Eastgate Clock Tower, the second most photographed clock tower (next to Big Ben) in the UK.

This is not the first time the Eastgate Clock Tower has been illuminated; however, this time, the clock tower did not just display a single colour. In honour of the Pride 2018 celebrations, the clock tower cycled through all the colours of the rainbow last weekend in a continuous loop. A radio frequency controller looped the colour sequence, operating four LED luminaires consecutively, one for each clock face.

Carbon Reduction Technology and Cheshire West & Chester Council have worked together to illuminate the clock tower on a number of occasions, including turning the clock blue for the 70th anniversary of the NHS in July this year, green in February 2017 in support of the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, and pink in October 2015 in support of Breast Cancer Now. The illumination in the clock face was also shut down completely in support of Earth Hour earlier this year.

The Pride project was carried out at cost and all proceeds are being donated, with our best wishes, to the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.


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