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Carbon Reduction Technology acquires ILP Premier Corporate Membership

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

ILP Premier Corporate Membership

Carbon Reduction Technology (CRT) are pleased to announce our elevation to Premier Corporate Membership with the Institution of Lighting Professionals.

CRT Director Alan Robson comments: "We've been actively involved with the ILP for quite a while now, we have a great relationship with them and we regularly attend ILP events, often as sponsors. We felt the time was right to take the next step up the membership ladder.

"In particular, this tier of membership very much fits with the mission statement of our business. We plan to introduce CPD for local authorities within the next 12 months and we're looking to become much more involved in supporting and contributing to the local authority lighting industry. Premier Corporate Membership gives us a great platform to go forward with both of those goals."

For more information about the Institution of Lighting Professionals, you can head on over to their website.


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