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A win for CRT, Volvo and enModus at the Lux Awards

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Carbon Reduction Technology scoops a win at the Lux Awards

We are pleased to announce success at the Lux Awards 2018, winning the Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the Year category with a joint entry submitted by Carbon Reduction Technology, enModus and Volvo.

The project, also the subject of a Carbon Trust case study, covers the upgrade of a Volvo construction equipment site in Motherwell Scotland to Smart Connected Lighting. The facility now has approximately 950 CRT high efficiency luminaires installed with ambient light and occupancy sensors, networked into a remote control and reporting system.

The new lighting system is delivering an average energy saving of approximately 84%, which equates to a huge CO2 and financial savings for the facility every month.

Paul Hudson, Operations Director at Volvo comments: “This project is testament to the forward-thinking employees within of our business. With the smart connected lighting solution in place, we are another few steps closer to reaching our goal of becoming a carbon neutral site.”

Alan Robson, Sales Director at Carbon Reduction Technology comments: "When a project like this picks up an award it really helps to highlight what a massive impact a lighting upgrade can have on a business - both financially and environmentally. Volvo, Motherwell, absolutely deserve the recognition for the amazing strides they are making towards becoming carbon neutral."

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