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Wireless Mesh Lighting

Wireless data-infrastructure for any property, powered by Mymesh

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Wireless Lighting Control for Professional Environments

It makes no difference what industry or market your company is in. In this rapidly changing world, it must adapt. Connecting all of your lights, sensors, and switches through a highly scalable wireless network provides the business intelligence and flexibility you require.

Today, professional locations such as offices, breweries, hospitals, ministries, warehouses - and even factories, all rely on Wireless Lighting Control. It provides them with the secure, reliable, and scalable light management system they need.

Key Features


Lumitel Dashboard

The Lumitel platform was created to create a Single Pane of Glass dashboard for all of our clients' users, from maintenance to board level decision makers. It gathers data from various sources, processes, stores, and analyses it before presenting it as information at all levels. The goal is to provide a centralised overview of all relevant information about the building (space) and its use. In a nutshell, a Smart Building.

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